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Mac voice recognition (video link, includes sound) has been built into the system since 1993.

I used it years ago, but it was much more primitive then and not ready for prime time. My wrists are now very, very grateful that I have activated it.

What it can do:
  • Switch between programs, play/pause, use voice commands for copy/paste and move up/down.
  • Create voice aliases for your most-used files and programs. (Say "Google Chrome" to open Chrome, e.g.)
  • Assign voice commands that trigger any keyboard shortcuts.
  • Create application-specific commands for macros or other application function.
  • With Universal Access > Enable access for assistive devices turned on, you can use your voice to select menu items, browser bookmarks, browser tabs by speaking their names.

    What it can't do (yet):
    • Take dictation / transcribe everything you say. For that, you need third party software.
    • Answer questions, Siri style. For that, go to (which you can set as a voice bookmark) and click the microphone icon.

    Ways I'm using it:
    • Web browser navigation. Boy howdy, web browser navigation. (E.g. "sepdet friends" [checking dreamwidth], "new tab" or "was that an earthquake?")
    • Closing all the windows I've opened, quitting all the applications I've left running.
    • Cut and paste.
    • Flipping between programs.
    • Opening files I use for work.
    • Activating macros.
    • Nearly everything I used to use the mouse or trackpad for.

    Custom commands/macros I've made:
    • "Photoshop" "MS Excel" because who bally wants to say, "Open Adobe Photoshop CS5" or "Switch to Microsoft Excel"
    • "Scroll north" "scroll down" because apparently I'm so congested that "move up" and "move down" sound about the same. Bleh, sinuses.
    • "View next tab" for command-right-arrow to flip between tabs in my browser. OMFG useful.
    • Also, in speech settings, I went into the "commands" area and turned off exact matches so that it'll take "close this" for "close this window" and "what's today?" for "what is the date?"
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