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I'm too tired to work up a properly entertaining state of dudgeon, and also, I need to continue checking/overhauling/updating my 430+ Squidoo articles. But it's time for a work-vent.

Yesterday, Friday Dec 7, Squidoo HQ decided that in honor of the site's 7th anniversary, they would release an all-new, totally "responsive layout" revamp of the site, which means doing away with a fixed width layout and having elements wiggle all over the place to fit whatever screen and OS are being used.

Squidoo members learn that the site has decided to change ALL THE THINGS, LJ-style.

There were just a few problems with this brilliant plan.

Ranty rant, including natterings about money )


Dec. 6th, 2012 08:21 pm
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I try not to post holiday stuff because I know some people on my flist get sick of it. (My family celebrates an amalgam secular holiday; the Jewish side of the family was very big on decorations, tree, Santa and presents.)

However. This must be shared.

Tokyo Gojira Christmas Tree is AWESOME.
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... I didn't think that there could ever be a worse website than the infamous Glaucoma, Glaucoma site of the mid 2000s (back when bandwidth was much more of an issue):

... but has just turned up something even more terrifying.

I present you with a webpage that truly epitomizes the phrase "Jesus freaks."

WARNING: FLASHING STROBE EFFECT. Possibly migraine-inducing even if you don't get migraines.

So. Are you braced? Are you sitting down? Are you wearing sunglasses? Behold the horror.

I'm partial to the heavenly chorus of Jedi angels cooking popcorn with their lightsabres.

ETA: I dared to run the javascript. It should be virus-free, as does malware checks; it simply plays a goofy 90s MIDI music file to accompany the graphics.

ETA2: On closer inspection, the animated gif representing the Supreme Being is suffering from Nearly Headless Nick sydrome.
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Now here's an idea I fully endorse: a solstice shrub made of potted rosemary.

ETA: #@%@!%! iPad camera, why?!

*ports it over to desktop to fix rotation*


Nov. 21st, 2012 02:27 pm
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I'm not sure what the caption should be, but my cat keeps trying to pose for Lolcats.

(Why, yes, I color-coordinated my furniture with my cat. Doesn't everybody?)
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...uncovers another oddity:

Rap of the Nibelung

The musician's website exhibits a refreshingly unusual fusion of hip hop posturing and geekitude.

I've never had any particular desire to see Wagner's Ring as an adult, thanks to the fact that it was massively exploited for racist propaganda purposes. (I'm not sure if that's entirely fair to the content; mythology is not necessarily to blame for its exploitation).

However, I seem to remember making fun of Wagner's Ring with [ profile] alexdecampi when we were in 6th grade. We were set off by a minimalist TV version, from which I can vaguely recall the Siegfriend School of Extreme Overacting and a scene in which Odin communes with the Earth-goddess Urda, represented by someone rolling about in a burlap sack and gesticulating.
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I went up to see how Endeavour's settling in to her temporary home.

She'll look more impressive once the new exhibition hall is built with a full-scale mockup of launch pad with solid rocket boosters and fuel tank, but I really enjoyed being able to walk right under her.

Here's a video I took with my patented "unsteadicam" technique.

Okay, okay, enjoyed isn't quite the right word. "Burst into tears with full lip wobble" sounds less dignified, however.

the rest of my photos from today.


trivia for the day: it's spelled "Endeavour" because it's named after Cook's ship. You know, the British explorer who thoroughly honked off the Hawaiians.
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HC, this is for you. It's a little complicated to set up, but it's worth it.

(The second video provides the soundtrack, and the first provides the video, but you need to skip part of the intro of the first video to get them synched.)

  1. Open this video in a new window.
  2. Pause the timestamp at about 0:17.
  3. Click the microphone to mute the sound.
  4. Open this video in a second window and hit pause. Move the timestamp back to start.
  5. Get ready. You'll need to:
  6. Hit PLAY.
  7. Immediately switch to the FIRST window, where the FIRST movie is loaded.
  8. Hit PLAY.
  9. Enjoy!
sepdet: Mars Curiosity Rover's head (Curiosity) slowly I was able to take 2 hour train and subway up to catch it.

It'll come right next to me once it makes the last turn.


I sat down and sketched it after it pulled up behind the hangar. Ipad doodle warning:
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Absently checking local seismometers to see what's shakin' this week...


Seriously, where's all the little ordinary bumpity bumps that don't make the news but are there all the time? It's been too quiet lately.


It makes me think something's holding it's breath. And if that something is named Elsinore, erk. (I find it oddly fitting that the Elsinore Fault is the big one that threatens my home. That's the red line just to the right of Santa Ana. My home is below the first a in Santa. San Andreas is the red line further inland that goes by Palmdale; there's more mountains between me and it.)

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... is the only person I've ever had a fan-crush on who still makes my eyes water just ... watching her. Ten seconds into this video, I'm tearing up. Augh.

(This project is pretty cool -- free pianos moved from city to city. I see they've replaced the keys on the seahorse-and-flowers piano since it was in LA Union Station last spring, where I watched people more talented than myself dinking on it.) 

(I still think of her as "Lady Marian of Heatherdale" because that's how I first encountered her in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Although I should say Mistress Marian, since she's been a Laurel of Bardic Arts -- the SCA equivalent of a PhD -- for nearly 20 years now!) 

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...who, like most of the Bablyon 5 actors who have gone before him, just passed away at the age of 60. (Except for Zathras' actor, who was 50, and Dr. Franklin, who was 56.)

I liked Michael O'Hare's Commander Sinclair very much. It took me a while to warm up to him, as he was playing a cerebral and somewhat wooden figure (by direction, I suspect), but he was a great character. I loved the reveal; he pulled it off quite plausibly in his final two-parter. 

Here's all the B5 actors who are already gone. I find this shocking:


  • Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin) d. 2004
  • Tim Choate (Zathras) d. 2004
  • Andreas Katsulas (G'kar) d. 2006
  • Jeff Conaway (Zack) d. 2011
  • Michael O'Hare (Commander Sinclair/V[SPOILERS]) d. 2012


Considering how long fans of Trek have been able to enjoy touching base with their mythological heroes' actors, Babylon 5 has had a very rum run. They were all so young.

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 Just in case anyone missed the latest internet sensation...

Real toy + a little bit of animation touch-up using After Effects

I would've been terrified to do that with a favorite toy. 

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This is a test of Googlebot. Ignore me. (Or not.) 

Here's a quick list of books featuring J.R.R. Tolkien's art and watercolors

I just received The Art of the Hobbit today. Not too many new earthshaking paintings we haven't seen before, so mostly of interest only to die-hard fans. 

I do love Tolkien: Artist & Illustrator.

This concludes our test. *poke poke poke bot* Here, bot bot bot. Eeeeeew.

ETA: The ever-fickle Googlebot took the bait approximately 45 minutes after deployment. Test page is now in Google's cache. (My therapist observed that I treat this work like a video game quest. She be right.) 
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A little hard to see when you're directly in the path of something going 230mph, but how many people can say they've stood UNDER a space shuttle in flight? (The UFO at lower right is a parking lot light)

-- the rest of my photos here
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 I've seen a launch live. Never saw a landing live, but I'm heading up to the top of the Disneyland parking structure tomorrow to watch piggyback shuttle fly by. I've always thought it looked very cute that way.
Strange feeling. I watched the Challenger launch; Endeavor was built to replace her.

ETA: More thinky thoughts written at midnight after watching "NASA's When We Left Earth" Ep. 5 and 6 on Netflix...
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Inadequate emoticon is inadequate: 

sepdet: Mars Curiosity Rover's head (Curiosity)

From the rover's ever-sassy Twitter feed:

I touched up the contrast, since the original was a bit murky (taken through the dust cover before it was removed): 

I enjoy poking around on Curiosity's photo album for the latest shots.


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