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... and this happened.



Well, er.


Someone needs to exorcise the Padres. 

(And of course it would be on Jackie Robinson Day, when everyone on the field is wearing #42.)

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Timmeh and Kersh giving each other cooties

This is how it's supposed to be, eh? 
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It's been a grim season down in Bluesville, and this stings a bit. But it stings a heck of a lot less knowing there's a friend up north smiling and enjoying it. And apparently I can enjoy seeing a team that worked their buns off celebrating, even if the mythology says they're "rivals." ;) 

Phew. I love good pitching. That was good pitching. 

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Dodgers announcer Vin Scully, who, as he often says, was born "shortly before the invention of fire," has been calling all the team's home games for over 60 years. (He used to call all the games, but now sticks to the west coast.)

He gave fans a scare by getting checked into a hospital this week after falling and cracking his head in a hotel room. The man is 82. This is probably his last year in the booth.

But here he was, back on Sunday to call his first 2010 game, a spring training game. Before Vin got started, he saluted "the gentle heroes of 911 Calabasas" and the hospital, apologized for causing the accident that had everyone worried, and thanked everyone their for well-wishes, prayers and concern.

Between innings, news reporters pressed Vin details-- he hates talking about himsefl. After briefly describing the accident and his treatment, he concluded cheerfully,

"I'm supposed to cut back on dangling participles, and I'm not allowed to split any infinitives for at least another week."

I don't know if our team is ready for the season, but our bard should be ready by Opening Day.

And -- hey Fir! -- Yanks/Dodgers -- I guess I'd better get tickets and take pictures, huh? You're probably gonna cream us.
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I have been moved to make a tasteless filk about the misfortunes of Matt Holliday, all-star outfielder of the St. Louis Cardinals.

"Folly Day"

Poor schmoe.

(For those who haven't seen what happened, I don't think he was actually hurt. He got up more quickly than the lyrics imply.)
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Something silly and baseball-related.
Does anyone on my flist speak Spanish?

Were these two jokers really translating the English or saying something different to each other since the reporter couldn't understand?

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... but I'm still too amped from a game.

A silly baseball game.

Good thing there's a few days off now. I need to get my nose back to my books, and I haven't been able to concentrate for 2 days.

Sorry, Cubbies, you got snooked into thinking you were playing the DL Dodgers of May through mid August. That's a different team. And it's not just because of the nut with the dreads who parachuted in from outer space to start thwacking balls to Pluto.

I wish playoffs tickets weren't so expensive. Even for this... I can't justify shelling out over a hundred dollars. But I wanna goooooo.
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Well, I have splurged and bought the Looks Like It Was Made In Rivendell Bed which I have been coveting from day one (made from sustainable wood and recycled iron!), and still need to get a Really Good Mattress.

more random house chatter )

Also, I say to the two or three people on my flist who care and/or understand about these things:

MANNY RAMIREZ ;aslfk;A@!5outfieldersWTF!!

Um. Well. Er. We needed a bat.
And Torre's used to handling primadonnas.

I don't think I'm going to be getting any work done tonight.

[ profile] trekqueen, make sure your tickets for tonight's game get used by somebody. The first game of Manny Ramirez on the west coast, with Randy "The Perfect Game" Johnson vs. Clayton "At Nineteen, Could Be the Next Sandy Koufax" Kershaw in a matchup between two teams scrapping for a division title (nevermind it's a bad division this year; it's still a dogfight)... um... it's big, hon. Big.
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Sorry to be so spammy tonight, but this is WEIRD.

I logged in tonight to catch me some baseball, got the #$@#! blackout message that means my IP address has been reset and it doesn't know where I am, and when I called tech support they said they couldn't help me because I had an IP address that's in India, where apparently people are not allowed to watch American baseball. (which is weird, but I'm sure few of them care.)

SO... no Dodgers/Giants tonight, because California fell into the ocean and wound up in India.

Really surprisingly little damage, considering.
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Er, that pun wasn't intentional, but I think I'll leave it.

My lens on Jackie Robinson and why he's one of my heroes.
(All proceeds from that lens go to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which funds scholarships for minority students. Set up by his widow, Rachel, who doesn't get enough credit, and is a hero too.)

It makes April 15th a good day instead of a bad one.
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Whoops, this got long, better to drop it in a separate entry. Surprise surprise.

Baseball geekage )


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