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Now here's an idea I fully endorse: a solstice shrub made of potted rosemary.

ETA: #@%@!%! iPad camera, why?!

*ports it over to desktop to fix rotation*
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Lately I have been playing a game of Iron Chef called "what can we do with gobs of oregano tonight?" thanks to the oregano horta taking over my herb patch.

Winning entry so far: Plum tomato and basil tilapia (main local white fish) on a bed of oregano leaves with bits of garlic and chives (because the chives are also getting a bit overgrown). Lots of fresh-ground pepper. Place all on top of layer of olive oil in iron skillet, leave in oven for 20 minutes, eat. This is about as gourmet as I get.

So, here's the state of the garden which continues to make me happy (birds birds BIRDS, lots of little twittery birds!)

Base of tree: pink and white cosmos, purple petunias
Main flowerbed: white toadflax in front, white and pink (PINK! What's with the pastels?) cosmos and yellow snapdragons, blue delphiniums (not yet open), ginormous white delphinium, irises (finished) and calla lilies (sprouting) in back.  Hanging basket with blue statice?, pale yellow petunias, and something that looks like scarlet pimpernel but isn't.
Herb patch: carrots, sage, chives, two kinds of thyme, two kinds of oregano, rosemary, bed of spinach in back being menaced by cat. Peach tree with zomg 70+ peaches which I should, what do you call it when you remove half the fruits to let the remainder grow bigger...? anyway, not doing it; I like my apricot-sized peaches with the bitty tiny stones, kthanx. 
Vegetable garden: corn -- 6 plants this year! -- sweet 100 tomatoes, heirloom tomato, yellow crookneck squash, sugar snap peas, lettuce, and that cluster at bottom right is a bed of radish sprouts which definitely needs further thinning. Sprouts are yummy!
Pots: Strawberry pot (prolific), a couple easter lilies, and my latest attempt to grow a miniature rose, this one white (on plant stand). 

EDIT: Gah. Loud parrots are LOUD. Hello, escaped parrots! 


sepdet: Samhain worshipping the veggies. Oooommm. (Okay, yes, catnip was involved.) (Default)

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