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Shut up, cat. They taste delicious!

I planted a dwarf Babcock Peach last year. Isn't it adorable? It was so small; I can't believe it's already bearing like this!

Slightly less amusing, but still cute now that I have a solution: a flock of ravenous WRENS is trying to devour my peaches. They are also very tiny, and I need to try and get a picture of them.

This being my bimonthly "I have a garden and I am alive" post. How boring.

But hey, my life is boring!
--Extension on dissertation, and doing better now that not sick all the time, check.
--Garden, check.
--Stupid fanfiction novella that's occupied my creative muse for THREE YEARS in huge bombtastic finale, nagging me to finish it, check.

That's about it.

--ETA 4:50PM: And another earthquake of magnitude, "Was that an earthquake?"
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... is not an appropriate caption, because I don't think radishes or Danver's Carrots qualify as tubers.

Therefore I am soliciting a better caption.

(Yes, catnip was involved in positioning the cat.)

I planted these in what, May?

'Bout time.
sepdet: (Uhura) least, now that I've got netting up to keep out the #%@!! possum.

More Garden Photos with Obligatory Cat )
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A moderately successful patio garden. Considering what my family had when I was a kid, quite paltry, but it's a start.

Vaguely clockwise from left:
1. Red flowers on stand = pentas, whatever the heck that is
2. Dark plant in big pot on ground with anti-possum screen = Czech variety of sweet, slightly-bigger-than-cherry tomatoes. About 15 green tomatoes on it... first red one is YUM.
3. upside down hanging plant = cherry tomato. Lots of flowers. No fruit yet.
4. Asia pear tree. Slighty woody pears, but adequate.
5. Big bowl o' flowers from Ace hardware. Mums, pansies, fluffy red stuff, nasturtiums (?).
6. TRADER JOES POT O' COOKING HERBS, on sale today. Big fluffy rosemary, very healthy-looking thyme and oregano. Now we're cooking! See if they've got these on sale where you are.
7. Drunk cat. (Not shown: catnip plant rescued and hidden outside front door. I dropped a few leaves here to lure her into the picture.)
8. Kithyra-style mini-rose, resting. So far so good. I always used to kill these little guys, so I'd given up on them, but so far its leaves seem happy, and it's putting out now that I've pruned off forced blossoms.
9. Strawberry pot (the one with all the pockets) consisting of sage, chives, more rosemary, more oregano, more thyme, basil.
10. Flame-colored "parade rose" slightly large than Kithyra rose with the most incredible-smelling blossoms. Picked up at TJ's.

I keep leaving the tags on to help me remember the varieties and watering/shade instructions, but they look a bit silly like that.

Now if only I can find myself a small peach tree like my neighbors have. That ficus always looks droopy, and sooner or later its roots will eat the wall.


I am eating my first honest-to-gosh fresh orange off Cal and Lynn's tree, since they left me with a bag yesterday. Maybe there's room for an orange tree back here too?!

They're teeny oranges, and wow. Not mandarin, just some local variety on a tree that's probably been here since the thirties.
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I bit the bullet and got a tree trimmer out to work on my patio, because that Eucalyptus had a lot of deadwood up there. But OW, and OW, they hack the top off eucalyptus trees for safety's sake, and it hurt!

They took off my favorite branch... I had told the boss but should've told the guys working for him... that's the one that made a canopy over the patio which I had my wind chimes hanging from.

It will grow back, but now the music I could hear all the time is silent, and there's no thin branches left down low enough for me to hang it (I had a really long sweepy branch that swayed in the wind; the chimes don't tend to ring unless what they're hanging on is moving.)

Next time, I need to look into finding someone who's more like a bonsai master. There has to be some way to trim the dead part without hacking off so much of what gives a tree its shape. I know eucalyptus presents a special problem, though, because it's so fragile and prone to dropping big chunks on houses.

I guess I know I've anchored to a spot when I'm crying over the tree. Never would've thought I'd feel that way about a eucalyptus; they're like sassafras, so transient. But I love the red furry bark on this one; it's like a eucalyptus trying to be a redwood, and it's got these lovely aspen-shaped leaves all different colors, mostly blue-green but also salmon pink and orange.
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Oh good. And bad, but good.

I stepped outside to check on status of garden (latest acquisition: miniature rose, Kithyra-style, which I haven't tried growing again since my first days in Boston) before running errands, and apparently Samhain slipped past me, even though she'd been asleep on the bed upstairs 30 seconds earlier.

I came home an hour and a half later, stepped out onto the porch, and she got up and told me off at length. But she hadn't strayed. Malcolm would've been in Riverside by that time.

I am now trying to motivate myself to get busy, when I want to sit here listening to the birds, wind in the trees, and especially the wind-chimes which is making dreamy goofy tinkly noises. It is nearly 90, dry, sunny, with a bright, clean blue-sky breeze blowing in all the windows which just SCREAMS "lazy summer afternoon." I no longer have to go to the Inn of the Seventh Ray to get my New Age vibes. (Well, okay, they have a few other things I lack, like excellent cooking.)

And -- ROSES!

Wish me luck. It is a sign of completeness that I am trying to have my own rosebush again. I gave up years ago because losing them made me sad, but it's an odd little quirk of self-identity, having a miniature rosebush with tiny red blooms.

I'm also trying my upside-down hanging pot for growing cherry tomatoes, since I've grown impatient trying to sprout them from seeds.

Speaking of roses, Other Rose, have you seen pictures of genetically-engineered blue roses? Unsurprisingly, Japanese researchers were involved. Hopefully no funding from Ohtori Academy.
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I have growing in my very modest garden:

-- Asia pears, most of which are refusing to ripen, but I've got a few ready.
-- Something that is producing profuse quantities of what I take to be miniature plums, and I need to verify this with someone who knows fruit better before I consume too many. They TASTE okay, a bit underripe.
-- Basil, rosemary, two types of thyme, oregano, sage, chives.

On their way:
-- two types of cherry tomatoes, and a Czech tomato of a variety I've never tried before but "small, almost cherry tomato sized, sweet" sounded like the mutant crossbreed my Mom and I invented by accident back in Pennsylvania when I was a kid.

And the jasmine is looking perky, though I'm not sure if it will get another crop of flowers this year or not.

Thank you, goddess.

Now, the question is: what should I cook with these herbs to celebrate? The basil and oregano are the most prolific right now.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 12:42 am
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Good tired.

In the process of getting the dissertation engine up to speed I have found two shareware tools which may be of use to some of my OSX-using friends.

On the Job is a simple timeclock. Name a task, hit the play button, and it records how long until you hit stop. It also nags and asks if you wish to subtract minutes if you've been idle 5 minutes or longer.

Right now my dissertation is too inchoate for me to have a set of goals to achieve each day, and with my self-discipline problems I have a hard time making myself put in a good 5-6 hours at a stretch. Having the little timer there in my dock is working as a psychological Dumbo feather, so far.

The other item is Journler, a blog-writing piece of software that's much more than that; it lets you organize pretty much any type of document on your computer (pictures, mp3s, etc) by letting you set up hyperlinks between them -- like the web, except you can only link to a document or entry. It has a good tagging system and a separate categories system, and the searching/filtering is EXCELLENT. The interface looks like Apple Mail, in that you can build folders and subfolders on the left, have all the titles/headers of each entry in a scrolly bit up at the top, and then bottom main screen is where you type and read entries.

BRAIN: Back up. Back up notes. All hail cheap memory sticks.

In other news, I have hacked my Giant Jasmine Tribble mercilessly, since it dropped all its flowers about the time I moved in (partly due to season, partly due to the Toads not watering it for a month.) I hope it will forgive me, but after much snipping I have unearthed an ironwork trellis and created a cascading jasmine arch -- a bit lopsided, since I resorted to the "comb-over" method to cover the side that it hadn't covered yet -- higher than my head.

I fondly hope the Jasmine Tribble will react like the roses in The Secret Garden. I found so much dead growth, dried leaves, and even a snakeskin (auspicious!) in its matted vines that I've got a second giant tribble of clippings on the patio.

Irvine has a Green Clippings recycling program, yay, and my official bin will be dropped off tomorrow. (I know, I should begin a compost heap, but I'm afraid I'd do it wrong and get stink, bugs, and/or varmints.)

Also, after discovering Miss Betty still considers my patio her catbox, I have sprinkled liberal amounts of a cat-B-gone remedy I got at Lowe's. It is organic -- VERY organic -- consisting of cayenne pepper and several other spices that sting but aren't toxic. I will report on whether this helps. (Samhain still has the patio bricks to roll around on.)


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