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... is the only person I've ever had a fan-crush on who still makes my eyes water just ... watching her. Ten seconds into this video, I'm tearing up. Augh.

(This project is pretty cool -- free pianos moved from city to city. I see they've replaced the keys on the seahorse-and-flowers piano since it was in LA Union Station last spring, where I watched people more talented than myself dinking on it.) 

(I still think of her as "Lady Marian of Heatherdale" because that's how I first encountered her in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Although I should say Mistress Marian, since she's been a Laurel of Bardic Arts -- the SCA equivalent of a PhD -- for nearly 20 years now!) 

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Map of Pennsic on Google?!

Pennsic streets labeled on Google:
Servants Path (where Enchanted Ground is, my favorite lurking place for period storytelling)
Hill Road (My campsite is at the corner of the d in the "Hill Road" label in the woods next to the highway -- noisy, but SHADY)
Chandlers Way
Runestone Highway (where Pennsic began, loooong ago)
Roman Road
Low Road
Fosse Way
Brewers Road
Sedalia Way
Bow Street
Battle Road
Long Way
Great Middle/Great Eastern Highway

I guess the labeled roads all have at least a portion of them in gravel or dirt, so they're year-round. Other roads are set up only for Pennsic.

You can see traces of the rest of the Pennsic roads in the fields: Abandon Hope, Good Intentions, Street of Gold, By The Way (I'm still irked somebody screwed up the sign 10 years ago and changed it to Bythe Way), etc.

The photo appears to be from Pennsic XXXV (it's mowed into the hill behind the castle). This year is 38. Yikes. I think I've missed 2 years, but it feels like forever.

Here's my album from Pennsic 34.


sepdet: Samhain worshipping the veggies. Oooommm. (Okay, yes, catnip was involved.) (Default)

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