Jun. 26th, 2012 01:10 pm
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Of course, people are threatening to boycott Oreos for this...

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Replacements Limited, a North Carolina based company selling replacements for china, silverware, and crystal, got hammered by its customer base for taking a stand on behalf of gay marriage and against the ban amendement, according to this New York Times article. Excerpt:

The company lobbied legislators, contributed money to causes supporting gay marriage, rented a billboard along the interstate near its headquarters, and sold T-shirts at its showroom. Its experience may explain why no other for-profit company followed its example.

[...several examples of customers writing in to say they won't patronize the company anymore...]

Andrew Spainhour, Replacement’s general counsel and a member of the steering committee that organized opposition to the amendment, tried to recruit other businesses. “I had a lot of phone calls and e-mails that weren’t returned,” he said. “If I did have a conversation, they’d say, ‘Gosh, we can’t do this, we can’t go out on a limb.’ There’s a tremendous amount of fear.”

They've lost money and income by standing up for what's right. More importantly, they're being showcased as an example of what can happen to a company that stands up for gay rights in a conservative state. 

So, basically, this is a PSA. I need to figure out what set of sterling I inherited from my grandma and see about getting more forks.
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My Squidfriend [deviantart.com profile] flynn-the-cat posted a loooong page on Young Adult fiction for LBGTA youth, parents, teachers.


I am gratified to see so many titles, although there are gaps in some areas. Methodology for selection follows the list. 

If anyone has any suggestions for missing books or resources, I'm sure zie would be grateful for feedback in the guestbook! 

(Why do I not have any sort of tag for posts like this? That's sad.) 



I see Flynn has been contributing Pony art: 

Queen Chrysalis Wallpaper
by ~Flynn-the-cat on deviantART


Twilight Sparkle
by ~Flynn-the-cat on deviantART

(Zie has done several of the ponies as anthro: they're all good.)


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