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I'm too tired to work up a properly entertaining state of dudgeon, and also, I need to continue checking/overhauling/updating my 430+ Squidoo articles. But it's time for a work-vent.

Yesterday, Friday Dec 7, Squidoo HQ decided that in honor of the site's 7th anniversary, they would release an all-new, totally "responsive layout" revamp of the site, which means doing away with a fixed width layout and having elements wiggle all over the place to fit whatever screen and OS are being used.

Squidoo members learn that the site has decided to change ALL THE THINGS, LJ-style.

There were just a few problems with this brilliant plan.

Ranty rant, including natterings about money )
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I've just written up where, when and how to view Sunday's solar eclipse. Even if you're not in western North America or southeast Asia, there's a site livestreaming it from Japan! 


Pass it on!

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I realize this is unimportant in the grand scale of things, but I am mildly miffed that you've deleted all my "Bingo Lives!" buttons because you think they're copyright violations.

(a) Parody is fair use. And this is a parody of random graffiti.
(b) Jesus and Elvis aren't going to sue you.
(c) Neither is the farmer's dog.

P.S. All the "I ♥ Frodo" buttons on your website might be copyright violations, however.

Oh, nevermind...
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Several years ago, when I was in the ZOMG I LOVE SQUIDOO stage that I'm currently experiencing with Dreamwidth, I created a webpage:

Is Squidoo a Scam?

I wrote this after noticing that one of the top searches for "Squidoo" on Google was that very question. Enterprising soul that I was, I decided to write a page answering the question.

I haven't looked at the page for years. I need to update it, prune it, edit it. Tonight, it got a comment that made me laugh:

JLL says:
An unequivocal YES.
The dead giveaway is the question itself.
When entering 'squidoo scam' in Google squidoo has ensured your are directed here. Quite clever and quite duplicitous.
The fact that most people are duped by this site (and others like it) is a testament to the gullibility of the public at large.

If I can control Google with my awesome powers, why does it consistently feature my SECOND STUPIDEST PAGE ON SQUIDOO first when you search for my real name? Why, Google, why?

*attempts mind control* You will link to my profile, page, you will link to my profile page...




It's not working. :(

(Mind you, people do need to understand that many webpages are written in response to search queries, and that most major websites, especially news media, now use sophisticated techniques to help them rank better for those queries. )
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Ancient Greece Odyssey on Squidoo
Squidoo Lens of the Year - 5th Place Runner Up Award
Not too shabby. Admittedly, out of 400,000+ lenses, there's a lot of junk out there; still, I am pleased.

Also, I'm going pro in this web 2.0 thing.

Mythprint: all the myth that's fit to print


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