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sepdet ([personal profile] sepdet) wrote2013-02-15 09:27 pm

Russian meteor videos / links roundup

So, a round-up, partly so I can find this stuff later.

Excellent summary from Sky & Telescope.

What it looked like.

What it sounded like.
(Warning: Disturbing explosions, glass breaking, at least one visible injury).

Neil DeGrasse Tyson video interview discussing science of this blast.

Bad Astronomy Blog post discussing it. very extensive Russian meteor news coverage with weather satellite imagery (and autoplay ads, ugh).

Russia Today's liveblog covering impact on Chelyabinsk and surrounding region, including hospitalization and damage tallies, rebuilding and recovering. (As of Sat 2/16, no fragments found under crater in ice; it's mud under there and hard to search.)

Guardian map of EVERY known meteor strike, ever. (Russia actually has fewer than many places, at least of the ones we know about.)

NASA summaries/info on the Russian meteor and the Asteroid 2012 DA014 flyby (with videos... which on any other day would be pretty danged incredible.)

interview with random hockey player thrown out of bed by shockwave.

And I am incredibly irked at Netflix for systematically removing almost every great astronomy documentary and series that used to be on it. They've only got the first season of How the Universe Works on streaming now, and I know there was a later episode that covered some of the latest research. (However, as I noted, this National Geographic "Asteroids" special is excellent.)

...and that article in The Onion.

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